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Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting the pakcarz.com website. Our customers' information privacy is important to us. Our privacy policy describes why and how we collect and use your information. It also details on how ensure the privacy and protection of your personal in formation. Our privacy policy statement here makes us bound to ensure the said privacy and protection. By visiting this website, you accept this privacy policy with all its clauses.

Privacy Statement

Customers' information protection is important to us. We shall use customers' information only in the manner described in this privacy statement.

  • We shall only collect information which is necessary for carrying out the requested business transaction and for keeping relations with customers.
  • You can visit and navigate through our website without exposing your identity. Your personal information will not be accessed in anyway during your visit on website.
  • You are required to provide certain information for completing some actions like purchasing a product or contact us etc. Pieces of information thus collected are clearly mentioned on relevant pages.
  • Information so collected will be used for carrying out sale/ purchase or whatever reason mentioned on the relevant pages.
  • Information so provided will also be used to conduct business and financial analyses of various kinds like website visits analysis etc.
  • Your information may be used for sharing marketing stuff with you if you allow us to share such information with you.
  • We strongly discourage spamming and your information will not be used for spamming by pakcarz.com
  • Customers are responsible for keeping the passwords secret. Any activity carried out using a customer's account will be considered as carried out by the original customer.