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Turtle Wax

Buy Turtle Wax Products online in Pakistan like premium car polish, Car Spray, Dashboard Spray, windshield cleaner and car care accessories at pakcarz.com.

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Turtle Color Magic Wax


Ex Tax: Rs.1,250

Turtle Color Magic WaxRestores black finishes to like-newPolishing agents correct scratches & swirlsDeepens shine & adds protection..

Turtle Dashboard Spray F21 USA


Ex Tax: Rs.549

Turtle Dashboard Spray F21 USARestores the original color and provides a deep, rich shineContains premium silicones to provide water resistance and long lasting shine and protectionWill not leave any greasy residue after application..

Turtle Super Hard Shell Car Wax
-25% off



Ex Tax: Rs.679

Turtle Super Hard Shell Car WaxThe king of car waxSuper hard shell protectionAvailable in liquid or paste..

Turtle Wax Fresh Shine Dashboard Spray
-22% off



Ex Tax: Rs.699

Turtle Wax Fresh Shine Dashboard SprayCleans and restores shine to all interior plastics quickly and easilyHigh quality fragrance with 8 day slow release technologyLong lasting anti-static shield that repels dust and dirt..

Turtle Wax Rubbing Compound


Ex Tax: Rs.699

Turtle Wax Rubbing CompoundPrecise cutting action for professional resultsRemove heavy blemishes, oxidation & severe scuffsClear coat safe & silicone free..

Showing 1 to 5 of 5 (1 Pages)